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This has been a period of considerable legislative activity and continuing review. The passing of the Crofting Reform Etc Act 2007 was quickly followed by the Shucksmith Report and the government has now published its response which promises to bring forward a draft Bill for consultation.

Many crofters are, however, disillusioned. The economic plight of the traditional crofter is widely underestimated. The recession has unfairly landed on an industry which already faced challenging times.

Despite all this, we find we are still doing a good trade in crofts and many crofter clients see more reason than before to buy either their whole croft or al least their croft house.

We applaud the initiative of The Crofting Law Group and Strathclyde University in organising for 2009, the first ever University level education in crofting law, consisting of a series of lectures covering main aspects.

Although the overall number of crofting cases in the Scottish Land Court is down on previous years, we have maintained our profile before the Court with involvement in a number of the reported cases in 2008.

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