We are Delighted to be Sponsoring Ben Dignan

We are delighted to be supporting young Ben Dignan in his ambition to become being a professional Trial’s Rider.

A bit about Ben, from Ben –

My Experience

I have been riding Trials since I was 4 years old and have been training to be the best since. I have been coached by riders such as Gary Macdonald, Dan Thorpe, Adam Raga and my current full time coach Jack Price. I also have experience in coaching myself with the younger generation at my local Club Trials, trying to get more of them involved and trying to keep their enthusiasm for the sport. I always support my Club in any way possible if that’s riding, laying out the Trial or just helping the children. I always tell the children if you have confidence and have determination you can do anything you want to do in life.

I also swim 2-3 nights a week for our local Swim Team to keep my fitness in good shape and compete at regional level when time allows. I had to use swimming to regain my fitness back into shape after I got pneumonia at


I have ridden in several large Trials over the years and have been successful in them like the Santagosa 3 Day Trial, coming third and first in the juvenile class for the first two years I competed. Other events being the Loch Lomond Two Day, the Bob MacGregor Two Day Memorial Trial and the Mintex Time and Observation Trial. I also observe at the SSDT every year, as they won’t let me ride yet! I have been pushing the boundaries in Scottish Trials since I started to ride the circuit. I first rode the Scottish Championship in 2011 two years before my time and competed for four years riding the “Youth C” class being very fortunate never to be off the podium. In 2015 I moved up to “Youth A” class missing out the “Youth B” class whilst winning it 2017/ 2018, I plan to ride the Adult Premier route which is the hardest route in the Scottish Championship.

Alongside the Scottish Championship, I also have been competing within the British Championship since 2012, I have been very consistent with my finishing positions within the British Championship overall yearly standings having two 3rd places for different classes of the Championships.

Education plays a big part in my life and I will continue to study whilst balancing my sporting ambitions. My school is very supportive in all my sporting activities and if it was not for their continued support in this, I would not manage to attend certain Trials along with training days.

Not forgetting in 2017 saw me take part in my first ever world trial event, which was a great experience. 2018 sees me take part in the Scottish Motor Sport.

Objectives for 2018

My objectives for Trials Competitions this year shall be to continue supporting my local Club along with riding “out of class” within the Scottish Championship by riding the Premier Route, then within the British Championship I am aiming to be in the top 2 in the British “B class”. Then I hope to ride 3 of the 5 World Series Trials. Along with the above trials I also plan to compete in the Santagosa 3 Day Trial (3DST) Northern Spain) for the fourth year and the Mintex, Time and Observation Trial for the third year along with National 1 Day Trials.