MacPhee & Partners Sponsor Local Junior Rugby Club

Oban High School rugby players are more likely to keep their dazzling smiles thanks to a generous donation from local law firm MacPhee & Partners. Over 50 green and black protective mouthguards were issued to the young OHS School of Rugby members last week with the S1-S3 players only too delighted to try them out.

The School of Rugby was launched back in 2009 by Scottish Rugby who, through working with local clubs and secondary schools help to fund the initiative. Funding was cut earlier this year however MacPhee & Partners made the decision to step in and help. Murray Hamilton OHS head of PE said: ‘MacPhee & Partners approached us and asked it there was anything we needed and immediately the gum shields came to mind. Not all our players can afford to purchase these and they are an essential part of the kit so MacPhee’s kindly agreed to supply them.’

MacPhee & Partners Associate Billie Kirkham was on hand to present members of the team and their coaches with the gum shields last week and told us: ‘We are always looking for local causes to support. ‘We were more than happy to focus on the safety element to make sure there are no chipped teeth or worse as a result of funding difficulties or financial circumstances within families. Murray and Greg Fairbairn from the Oban High School PE department have done a fantastic job bringing the School of Rugby up to the standard it is at and we’re proud to support them.’

The School of Rugby is primarily a program which focuses on the development of social, physical and academic skills of young boys and girls at S1 – S3 levels. It does this by developing these skills in a rugby environment and by monitoring the progress of students in their school, sporting and social life.

‘The skills and attributes essential for all good rugby players including communication, ability to follow instruction, focus and concentration, teamwork, creativity and problem solving can be equally applied to situations in the classroom, the playground, at home or in the street,’ added Mr Hamilton, who alongside Mr Fairbairn, plays an integral role at Oban Lorne RFC also.
‘For many young people, rugby is an activity that captures the imagination and brings happiness to their lives and is a medium through which they can learn in ways that may not be achieved in other environments,’ he added.

There are currently around 75 players taking part in the School of Rugby with over 100 pupils playing the sport at the High School.

Thank you to The Oban Times for the image and article.